OpenPGP card not accessible

Wolfgang Rosenauer wolfgang at
Thu Feb 5 23:13:08 CET 2009


Malte Gell schrieb:

> i made some progress with my new OpenPGP card. I can access it with 
> gpg --card-edit but i cannot do anything, because GnuPG immediately exists and 
> says there was no card....
> gpg --card-edit first detectd the card  and then suddenly says "OpenPGP card is 
> not available", though it is still in the card reader....
> I use gpg 2.0.9 and the Reiner SCT ctapi-driver, scdaemon.conf looks like 
> this:
> ctapi-driver
> reader-port 1
> The ctapi driver seem to be the only way to access the card a little bit, but 
> it still does not work correctly...
> If someone have some experience about these issues, let me know

I've just changed my config from using pcsc-lite to the cyberjack ctapi
driver and it works for me.
I'm using gpg 2.0.10 though since I had other issues when accessing the
card a few days ago.

I have gpg 2.0.10 in my OBS repository built for openSUSE 11.1:

Feel free to try that.


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