OpenPGP card not accessible

Malte Gell malte.gell at
Fri Feb 6 00:46:27 CET 2009

On Thursday 05 February 2009 23:13:08 Wolfgang Rosenauer 
<wolfgang at> wrote the following:

> Malte Gell schrieb:
> > gpg --card-edit first detectd the card  and then suddenly says "OpenPGP
> > card is not available", though it is still in the card reader....
> I've just changed my config from using pcsc-lite to the cyberjack ctapi
> driver and it works for me.
> I'm using gpg 2.0.10 though since I had other issues when accessing the
> card a few days ago.
> I have gpg 2.0.10 in my OBS repository built for openSUSE 11.1:

Thanx, I tried the updated GnuPG, but it still does not work, see below. You 
use the same driver, just a different Cyberjack reader, so my guess is, it is 
the reader that makes trouble. It is a Cyberjack Secoder, released in 2008, 
maybe it is too new to work correctly with the delivered ctapi driver. Since 
your Cyberjack and the ctapi driver works it may be more likely it is the 
Secoder that is not properly supported by the current ctapi driver...


1[root at linux-61r3]4877-00:34~> gpg --card-edit 

can't connect to `/root/.gnupg/S.gpg-agent': Connection refused
scdaemon[7910]: listening on socket `/tmp/gpg-PdOdAU/S.scdaemon'
scdaemon[7910]: handler for fd -1 started                       
scdaemon[7910]: reader slot 0: Processor ICC present            
scdaemon[7910]: slot 0: ATR=3B FA 13 00 FF 81 31 80 45 00 31 C1 73 C0 01 00 00 
90 00 B1
scdaemon[7910.0] DBG: -> OK GNU Privacy Guard's Smartcard server ready                 
scdaemon[7910.0] DBG: <- GETINFO socket_name                                           
scdaemon[7910.0] DBG: -> D /tmp/gpg-PdOdAU/S.scdaemon                                  
scdaemon[7910.0] DBG: -> OK                                                            
scdaemon[7910.0] DBG: <- OPTION event-signal=12                                        
scdaemon[7910.0] DBG: -> OK                                                            
scdaemon[7910.0] DBG: <- SERIALNO                                                      
scdaemon[7910]: AID: D2 76 00 01 24 01 01 01 00 01 00 00 15 CB 00 00                   
scdaemon[7910]: Version-2 ......: no                                                   
scdaemon[7910]: Get-Challenge ..: yes (0 bytes max)                                    
scdaemon[7910]: Key-Import .....: yes
scdaemon[7910]: Change-Force-PW1: yes
scdaemon[7910]: Private-DOs ....: yes
scdaemon[7910]: Algo-Attr-Change: no
scdaemon[7910]: SM-Support .....: no
scdaemon[7910]: Max-Cert3-Len ..: 0
scdaemon[7910]: Max-Cmd-Data ...: 0
scdaemon[7910]: Max-Rsp-Data ...: 0
scdaemon[7910]: Cmd-Chaining ...: no
scdaemon[7910]: Ext-Lc-Le ......: no
scdaemon[7910]: Status Indicator: 00
scdaemon[7910]: GnuPG-No-Sync ..: no
scdaemon[7910]: GnuPG-Def-PW2 ..: no
scdaemon[7910]: Key-Attr-sign ..: RSA, n=1024, e=32, fmt=std
scdaemon[7910]: Key-Attr-encr ..: RSA, n=1024, e=32, fmt=std
scdaemon[7910]: Key-Attr-auth ..: RSA, n=1024, e=32, fmt=std
scdaemon[7910]: DBG: USING application context (refcount=1) (new)
scdaemon[7910.0] DBG: -> OK
scdaemon[7910]: updating slot 0 status: 0x0000->0x0007 (0->1)
scdaemon[7910]: sending signal 12 to client 7909
scdaemon[7910.0] DBG: <- [EOF]
scdaemon[7910]: handler for fd -1 terminated
gpg: OpenPGP card not available: End of file

Command> scdaemon[7910]: scdaemon (GnuPG) 2.0.10 stopped

gpg: OpenPGP card not available: IPC write error

Command> quit

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