What do if forgot password?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Fri Feb 6 19:19:31 CET 2009

gerry_lowry (alliston ontario canada) wrote:
> even if the rumours are true that "the government" may have such an 
> ability, we'd never know.


> If you still know your passphrase

The original poster made it clear he has forgotten his passphrase.

> Keep both the revocation certificate and your passphrase in a secure 
> and secret (to you) place (but remember where you put them).

When people are asked to find a "secure and secret" place, they
typically do it very badly due to a lack of experience.

When an investigator looks for your "secure and secret" place, the
investigator typically does fairly well due to having a lot of experience.

You have much better options available to you.  For instance, put it in
a sealed envelope and give it to your lawyer.  Tell your lawyer, "this
is a very important document and must be kept safe."  It is very likely
that your lawyer will have lots of experience at this and be much better
at it than you are.

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