What do if forgot password?

gerry_lowry (alliston ontario canada) gerry.lowry at abilitybusinesscomputerservices.com
Fri Feb 6 22:08:33 CET 2009

Hello Robert ... the original poster, Don Rhummy, did NOT make it clear,
                           you missed his "if":
                              "What does GPG have to recover my data       if
                                i forgot my password?".

Thank you for your excellent advice about using a lawyer ...
my safe and secure places tend to be so secure that even I can not find them.   B-)

http://sixdemonbag.org/cryptofaq.xhtml#agencies does not like my IE7.
Your link takes me to http://www.secret-alchemy.com/why_xhtml.html
and explains how this occurs.  Fortunately, I also have Safari installed
and have read your fine article.  You may enjoy "The Last Theorem",
a science fiction novel, Arthur C. Clarke's last AFAIK, in collaboration
with Frederik Pohl, published by Ballantine Books/DEL REY/Random House.

regards ~~ gerry

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