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I've printed out my paperkey and keeping it in my home. I am not making
any illegal things, so police will not come to investigate my house one
day :). So it is secure for me in case that one day my home and work
computers explode at the same time :)

Benjamin Donnachie wrote:
> 2009/2/8 Ian Hill <ian at>:
>> Correct you print it out, but I cannot find how to re-compile the key
>> manually from the paperkey and the public key.  If you can do this
>> without the paperkey programme this seems a good solution, otherwise why
>> not keep an e-copy of your secret key as this is likely to survive just
>> as well as the paperkey program.
> Because media degrades and unlikely that the media of today will be
> readable in the future.  For example, you can't get 8" or 5.25"
> floppies for love nor money these days and 3.5' floppies are likely to
> go the same way.
> However, paper lasts a very long time.  It's your call and depends how
> much your key means to you.  Personally, I reckon that your key is
> more likely to become useless in the future.
> Ben
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