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Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Sunday 08 February 2009, Alex Amiryan wrote:
>> I've printed out my paperkey and keeping it in my home. I am not
>> making any illegal things, so police will not come to investigate my
>> house one day :).
> You are using GnuPG. Unfortunately, this makes you suspicious in the 
> eyes of lots of people.
No, I don't agree with that. For example I am using GnuPG to send
sensitive information, such as monthly invoices to tax service. I don't
want somebody to intercept these documents, thats why I am using GnuPG.
Using GnuPG is not meaning that I am hiding illegal things. Just I am
using my right of privacy. For example if I am saying something quietly
to my friend, it is not meaning that I am saying bad things about somebody.
>> So it is secure for me in case that one day my home 
>> and work computers explode at the same time :)
> But it's gone if your home and your work place explode at the same time.

I wrote, if my home and work COMPUTERS explode at the same time. For
example because of electric shock (It happened to me twice in my life :)).

> Regards,
> Ingo
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