Howto import more than one key from a keyserver at a time

John Clizbe John at
Tue Feb 10 18:29:15 CET 2009

Sidney Kenson wrote:
> Hey list,
> was wondering if it was possible to import many keys at the same time from a
> keyserver. Had imported a key with a lot of sigs and most of them can't be
> checked as I don't have the keys the key was signed with. So my question is to
> import all the signing keys at once, perhaps even with the keys which I don't
> have signing *these* keys.

OK, You look to be on Windows. You'll need some sort of POSIX environment on
Windows to pull this off, eg Cygwin, SFU, MSYS, UWin,...

To process entire keyring, something like this may be what you're looking for
(single line):

gpg --check-sigs| grep "User ID not found"|cut -b 14-21| sort -u| xargs gpg

To do a single or several keys, list the key IDs as part of the first gpg command:
      gpg --check-sigs 0xdeadbeef 0xdecafbad

It won't check the keys that it needs to fetch, you'll need to run the commands
again. Note, this can get you a LOT of keys that you may have little interest in.
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