Howto import more than one key from a keyserver at a time

John Clizbe JPClizbe at
Tue Feb 10 20:26:33 CET 2009

Sidney Kenson wrote:
> John Clizbe wrote:
>> OK, You look to be on Windows. You'll need some sort of POSIX environment on
>> Windows to pull this off, eg Cygwin, SFU, MSYS, UWin,...
> Or I just export my keyrings from my WinPT and import it in my gpg under
> Ubuntu and it'll work.

Yes, That's the canonical way. The files are binary compatible. If your Windows
keyrings are on NTFS and both OSes are on the same machine, you could mount the NTFS
partition read-only on Ubuntu and just give the keyring file itself to import:

$ # Merge secret keyrings
$ gpg --import \ #line continued to avoid wrapping file path
> /mnt/Documents\ and\ Settings/username/Application\ Data\secring.gpg
$ # Merge public keyrings
$ gpg --import \ #line continued to avoid wrapping file path
> /mnt/Documents\ and\ Settings/username/Application\ Data\pubring.gpg

Copying the keyring files to portable media also works. Copy --> Import on Ubuntu.
Do maintenance. Copy back to media --> Import on Windows

>> gpg --check-sigs| grep "User ID not found"|cut -b 14-21| sort -u| xargs gpg
>> --recv-keys
> This will check all sigs of all keys in my ring, doesn't it?

Yes, that's why the line above it began, "To process entire keyring,..." 8-)
>> To do a single or several keys, list the key IDs as part of the first gpg command:
>>       gpg --check-sigs 0xdeadbeef 0xdecafbad
> The keys would be the last thing before the |?

Yep. gpg --check-sigs <keyID>... | grep......

>> It won't check the keys that it needs to fetch, you'll need to run the commands
>> again. Note, this can get you a LOT of keys that you may have little interest in.
> Somehow this is what i wanted...
> Sidney Kenson

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