Command Line Use of GPG

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sun Feb 22 04:30:33 CET 2009

> Probably not. The TLA folks who ARE on this list (and others) are  
> much more
> likely to be lurkers than to draw attention to themselves by posting.

I agree with John.  This is further explanation, not a disagreement.

A couple of years ago, in response to something I posted on this list,  
I had an unhinged list member fill my inbox with wild claims that I  
was obviously either an FBI informant or a psychiatrist -- and if I  
was either he was going to hunt me down and murder me with an axe.  I  
didn't take it seriously until he cited my street address and phone  

Making things worse, my father is a federal judge.  Given how tight  
this guy's tinfoil hat was wound, I thought he might not draw that  
much of a distinction between "son of a federal judge" and "FBI  
informant."  It was a pretty stressful period for me for a while.

Moral of the story: some people are lurkers not because they're up to  
skulduggery, but because they're scared of the fringe element.  And  
really, if you're related to interesting people, or if you have an  
interesting job... then who can fault you for wanting to keep a low  

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