"Please select what kind of key you want" ~~ suggestion to developers

gerry_lowry (alliston ontario canada) gerry.lowry at abilitybusinesscomputerservices.com
Mon Feb 23 17:55:51 CET 2009

The easier it is for beginners to understand PGP/GPG technology,
the faster its adoption into general use by the public will occur.

Suggestion: add help as an option to 
            gpg --gen-key
and      gpg  --edit-key   [ ID ]   addkey


   Please select what kind of key you want:
   (1) DSA and Elgamal (default)
   (2) DSA (sign only)
   (5) RSA (sign only)
   (h) help on the above choices
Sample help:

    If you choose a sign only key, you may also need to ....

   (1) DSA and Elgamal (default)
               Phasellus interdum nunc eget libero. In ante dui, ...           
   (2) DSA (sign only)
               Vivamus ut libero eget tortor lobortis ...
   (5) RSA (sign only)
               Aliquam sit amet risus auctor felis ...

Real and useful text should replace the random lorem ipsum*
used in the above example.    B-)

Additionally, build more help/guidance text into PGP/GPG technology.

Users are more likely to implement technologies that they understand
once they have achieved a level of comfort with those technologies.

Gerry (Lowry)

* source:  http://www.lipsum.com/. 

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