How to use the Apple Product Security PGP Key + Protecting Security Information ~~ F.Y.I.

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Tue Feb 24 05:01:20 CET 2009

gerry_lowry (alliston ontario canada) wrote:
> The Internet took off when Microsoft, for better or worse, included
> and promoted Internet Explorer in Windows 95, thus beginning the so
> called browser wars.

That's quite arguable.  Why do you assume that MS introducing IE
*cause* the internet to take off instead of being their (delayed)
reaction to the internet taking off without them? :)

> I would be surprised and also happy to see Microsoft promote PGP/GPG
> technology.  I do not actually expect that to happen.  If it did, it
> would be good if Microsoft could stimulate PGP/GPG technology with
> more user friendliness since at the moment there's much to learn to
> understand and begin using PGP/GPG technology.

Not that I care whether MS uses, promotes, or maligns PGP/GnuPG, but:

(Personally, I find that MS using PGP to sign their security notices
amusing.  That must be the most secure thing about their OS. :-)

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