installing gpg on Mandriva 2009

Chris cpollock at
Sat Jan 3 22:58:08 CET 2009

On Saturday 03 January 2009 14:08:56 Ingo Klöcker wrote:

> The warning is a bit misleading. It should read "gpg-agent cannot be
> connected to" or similar. In order to connect to gpg-agent the
> application needs to know the "channel" to use for talking to
> gpg-agent. This "channel" (a Unix socket) is announced with the
> environment variable $GPG_AGENT_INFO. Therefore only applications
> running in the same environment as gpg-agent can talk to gpg-agent.
> Did you add the file to ~/.kde/env (or ~/.kde4/env or
> whatever folder is used for KDE 4 by Mandriva 2009)? As I wrote in my
> first reply this will ensure that gpg-agent is started whenever KDE is
> started, i.e. whenever you log in. Moreover, it ensures that all
> applications started from KDE are running in the same environment as
> gpg-agent and thus should be able to talk to gpg-agent.
It is now there in ~/kde4/env and there are no longer any complaints on 
startup and gpg-agent starts at login. Still there is the matter of setting up 
my signing key, apparently it still can't be found  as it continues to be 
searched for. 

Your help and patience is greately appreciated Ingo.


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