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jakse escribió:
> dear forum.
> I am using GnuPG on my mac.  had a problem and had to reinstall
> everything... lost all data. 

  Unless you have a backup, you can't recover the private key. However,
there are chances you can recover deleted files (unfortunately, if you
reinstalled everything in the same hard drive where you had your
keyring, the chance is very small... and becomes smaller each time you
write something in the hard drive). Now, I am talking about recovering
files with the help of recovery software... I am not talking about
sending the hard drive to an specialized laboratory...

> from old backup i have some info on my key. The trustdb was created and so
> on, and i have a fingerprint for my pub key, "uid" and "sub". however i dont
> know what this means?!

  Well, if there is an old backup... maybe you have some luck... Did you
recovered the trustdb? What files do you have in the backup? If you have
a file named secring.gpg then there is a big chance you can recover the
key... Tell us more about the files in your backup... look for files
with 'asc' extension... like mykey_key-pair.asc or something like that...

> Is there any way i can recover my private key?

  Only if it was backed up, or the area in the hdd where the key was
stored has not been overwritten... unfortunately, I am not a mac user,
so I don't know about any recovery software for macs...

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