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Fri Jan 9 08:25:14 CET 2009

Does'nt look good ! i dont have secring.gpg but i doo have one called

does that help me?

Thanks for the answers!

Faramir-2 wrote:
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> jakse escribió:
>> dear forum.
>> I am using GnuPG on my mac.  had a problem and had to reinstall
>> everything... lost all data. 
>   Unless you have a backup, you can't recover the private key. However,
> there are chances you can recover deleted files (unfortunately, if you
> reinstalled everything in the same hard drive where you had your
> keyring, the chance is very small... and becomes smaller each time you
> write something in the hard drive). Now, I am talking about recovering
> files with the help of recovery software... I am not talking about
> sending the hard drive to an specialized laboratory...
>> from old backup i have some info on my key. The trustdb was created and
>> so
>> on, and i have a fingerprint for my pub key, "uid" and "sub". however i
>> dont
>> know what this means?!
>   Well, if there is an old backup... maybe you have some luck... Did you
> recovered the trustdb? What files do you have in the backup? If you have
> a file named secring.gpg then there is a big chance you can recover the
> key... Tell us more about the files in your backup... look for files
> with 'asc' extension... like mykey_key-pair.asc or something like that...
>> Is there any way i can recover my private key?
>   Only if it was backed up, or the area in the hdd where the key was
> stored has not been overwritten... unfortunately, I am not a mac user,
> so I don't know about any recovery software for macs...
>   Best Regards
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