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jakse escribió:

> You are right, john and I already tested it, i had to send the public key to
> him by mail though. He could find it on the key server... hmmm?! which is
> strange since i think i uploaded it at some point in time.

  Mmm... it is strange, I think I found it on a keyserver, but it had
the problems I told you about (or what I think there are problems, while
I think I am right, I know it would not be strange if I am wrong).

> my private key starts with the following:
> This is a test secret keyring simply stored by GNUPG so that it is easier to
> make diff files.  

  I have never seen that... by the way, I am using version 1.4.9, I
think the first version I installed was 1.4.7, and the key you are
talking about seems to be a lot older than that version... also, I use
Windows, I am not sure about your operating system...

> Hm. I'm starting to think that i may be better of starting over again?!
> Maybe it is easier if I just try to generate a new key!? I don't know what
> went wrong when i uploaded to the keyserver?!

  Well, since you are already doing tests with John, I figure you should
ask him about what does he think about that...

> do you all use IDEA?! if it is not commonly used i dont think i'll try and
> get it. Enough work to get the standard algorithm working for me ;)

  No, most people don't use it, since it is not natively supported by
GnuPG, and there is that copyright problem... I installed it just in
case somebody sends a message to me using that algorithm, but I would
never use it to send a message, and I have not listed it in my
preferences... my keys don't list it, so the only chance somebody could
send a message encrypted with IDEA to me, is if the sender forces GPG to
do what it is not supposed to do (to use algorithms not supported by the
  So you are right, use just the standard algorithms...

> Again: do you think it would be better for me to just start over?!

  Probably, but, as I said, I'd ask John about the subject first... he
can provide some advices about what to do with the old key, and what
kind of key you should generate (well, since it will be YOUR key, you
can generate any kind of key you want, but I mean, probably there are
some options better than other options...).

> And by the way... why do you all sign your messages here? I'm not sure i
> have understood the signing idea completely? it is to make sure that the
> reader knows the sender is the person he/she says he/she is!? right!?

  Well... because I set up Thunderbird to sign messages by default...
it's my ineffective attempt to promote the use of OpenPGP... I am still
unsure about if I will keep that setting that way...

  Best Regards
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