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Sun Jan 11 11:58:24 CET 2009

Once again! Thanks you guys for helping me out!

Faramir-2 wrote:
>   Yes, you can send messages to me, and I am sure other people here will
> volunteer to test encryption with you. 
You are right, john and I already tested it, i had to send the public key to
him by mail though. He could find it on the key server... hmmm?! which is
strange since i think i uploaded it at some point in time.

Faramir-2 wrote:
>   Well, when I install GPG, the keyrings are empty, so I don't think it
> comes with a "demo"...

my private key starts with the following:
This is a test secret keyring simply stored by GNUPG so that it is easier to
make diff files.  

sec   XXXX/XXXXXXX 2003-12-31 Test one (pp=def) <one at> 
ssb   XXXX/XXXXXXX 2003-12-31  

sec   XXXX/XXXXXXX 2003-12-31 Test two (no pp) <two at> 
ssb   XXXX/XXXXXXX 2003-12-31  

sec   XXXX/XXXXXXX 2003-12-31 Test three (no pp) <three at> 

How come it has those example mails there?!

Faramir-2 wrote:
>> gpg: WARNING: key ECABF51D contains preferences for unavailable
>> gpg:          algorithms on these user IDs:
>> gpg:          "Test three (no pp) <three at>": preference for
>> cipher algorithm 1
>> gpg: it is strongly suggested that you update your preferences and
>> gpg: re-distribute this key to avoid potential algorithm mismatch
>> problems
>   There are several problems:
> 1.- I downloaded the key ECABF51D from keyservers, and it doesn't have a
>  subkey for encryption purposes, so you can only sign and certify, but
> not encrypt/decrypt.

Hm. I'm starting to think that i may be better of starting over again?!
Maybe it is easier if I just try to generate a new key!? I don't know what
went wrong when i uploaded to the keyserver?!

Faramir-2 wrote:
> 2.- Also, the key lists in it's preferences, the encryption algorithm
> IDEA (cipher algorithm 1). And GPG doesn't include that algorithm,
> because it is not free. It seems it can be used for non-business
> purposes, but I am not really sure about that, so if somebody sends a
> message to you, and it is encrypted with IDEA, you would be unable to
> decrypt it (but I think that is not your worst problem, since as long as
> you don't get encryption capabilities -by adding a subkey capable of
> encryption- I *think* people won't be able to send encrypted messages to
> you).
>    You can download idea.dll and configure gpg to use it, but unless you
> are sure you are not breaking the copyright... I am NOT sure about that,
> I have read somewhere it was allowed to use it if you are not doing
> business, but I am not sure about the reliability of the place where I
> read that. Also, when I tried to find the company that is supposed to
> hold de copyright, I couldn't find it on internet... (and since I was
> just curious about it, I didn't keep searching).

do you all use IDEA?! if it is not commonly used i dont think i'll try and
get it. Enough work to get the standard algorithm working for me ;)

Faramir-2 wrote:
>   Last words: I am not sure if you should add a subkey first, and edit
> preferences latter, or to edit pref first, and add the key latter...

Again: do you think it would be better for me to just start over?!

And by the way... why do you all sign your messages here? I'm not sure i
have understood the signing idea completely? it is to make sure that the
reader knows the sender is the person he/she says he/she is!? right!?

hope you are all enjoying the weekend!


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