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Sat Jan 10 22:47:35 CET 2009

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jakse escribió:
> Thanks so much! i really think it worked

  You are welcome ;)

> does anyone have the time to test it with me? see - i'm kinda of semi nerdy
> and really dont know anyone who sends encrypted files... i justed wanted
> this stuff to work so that i have the skill and posibility to use it when it
> is needed!

  Yes, you can send messages to me, and I am sure other people here will
volunteer to test encryption with you. But currently there is a problem
with your key... keep reading.

> Edit
> ps: i did get some warnings on the way, dont know what it really means -
> dont hope the secring.asc file was just a "demofile" of some sort?!

  Well, when I install GPG, the keyrings are empty, so I don't think it
comes with a "demo"...

> gpg: WARNING: key ECABF51D contains preferences for unavailable
> gpg:          algorithms on these user IDs:
> gpg:          "Test three (no pp) <three at>": preference for
> cipher algorithm 1
> gpg: it is strongly suggested that you update your preferences and
> gpg: re-distribute this key to avoid potential algorithm mismatch problems

  There are several problems:
1.- I downloaded the key ECABF51D from keyservers, and it doesn't have a
 subkey for encryption purposes, so you can only sign and certify, but
not encrypt/decrypt.

2.- Also, the key lists in it's preferences, the encryption algorithm
IDEA (cipher algorithm 1). And GPG doesn't include that algorithm,
because it is not free. It seems it can be used for non-business
purposes, but I am not really sure about that, so if somebody sends a
message to you, and it is encrypted with IDEA, you would be unable to
decrypt it (but I think that is not your worst problem, since as long as
you don't get encryption capabilities -by adding a subkey capable of
encryption- I *think* people won't be able to send encrypted messages to

   You can download idea.dll and configure gpg to use it, but unless you
are sure you are not breaking the copyright... I am NOT sure about that,
I have read somewhere it was allowed to use it if you are not doing
business, but I am not sure about the reliability of the place where I
read that. Also, when I tried to find the company that is supposed to
hold de copyright, I couldn't find it on internet... (and since I was
just curious about it, I didn't keep searching).

  Last words: I am not sure if you should add a subkey first, and edit
preferences latter, or to edit pref first, and add the key latter...

  Best Regards
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