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Neil Yan escribió:
> Hi,

        I am not sure if you got replies, so I'll reply now...

> tool for my requirement. But I am really confused by the GNUPG version
> and usage since I don't have many experience of Linux OS. My project
> will be executed on Win OS. So, I have following questions need your

  Don't worry, GnuPG is available for windows.

> 1. Where can I download a windows version of GNUPG? The files on GNUPG
> download ftp site seems all are Linux version.

  Go to the binaries section of that page (just scroll down), the one
you want is:
  GnuPG 1.4.9 compiled for Microsoft Windows.  (click on the FTP link)

  Probably you will need to add GnuPG manually to the path global
environment variable.

> 2. How can I decrypt files by using GNUPG programmatic? Using some DLL
> API or call the command?

  I don't know how to do it, but surely there is a way to do it, since
there are third parties GUIs (like GPGShell and Enigmail).

> 3. Are there any guid or documents for GNUPG windows version?

  Well, the program comes with an user manual, that explains how to use
it from command line. And the site has links to HowTo's and other
resources. I think the usage of GPG is the same, no matter the operating
system you are using, but I can be wrong about that. The manual included
in windows binaries works fine (open it using WordPad, or notepad).

  Best Regards
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