how to get private keys out of a old computer

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Hello Condor !

Condor Kim <toothache200873 at> wrote:

> on my old computer i had gpg4win and enigmail all installed with several
> private keys created. but then i bought a new computer and and reinstalled
> gpg4win on it. now how do i recover the old private keys from the previous
> computer? i do still have the hard drive of the previous old computer. i
> tried to retrieve keys with PTA, and found a file called "trustedkeys"
> outside the "users" file on the old hard drive, but when i retrieved this
> file, it said "no keys are found".   both computers use windows
> vista.   thanks please help me out with this problem.

    Usually, public and secret keyrings are in C:\GnuPG\Keyrings and are named pubring.gpg and secring.gpg but the extension and the name may change depending what you decided at first.
    You only need to copy those files to the adequate directory in your new pc.

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