Selection of digest algorithm

Sven Radde email at
Thu Jan 29 00:06:43 CET 2009

Hi gnupg-users!

I noticed some "oddities" (to me) with the selection of a hash algorithm
by GnuPG. I assume that the particular use-cases have additional
limitations which are not obvious to me, so could you please clarify?

First, when sending a signed email from Evolution, SHA1 seems to be
chosen, no matter what "personal-digest-preferences" or even
"digest-algo" is set in the gpg.conf file (other parts of gpg.conf are
honored, however).
Is this a limitation of the PGP/MIME standard that Evolution uses?

Second, when using the smartcard, and "personal-digest-preferences
SHA256 RIPEMD160", the latter is chosen as digest algorithm.
Is the smartcard limited to 160 Bit hashes?

Talking about the smartcard...
Any news regarding a 2048 bit version? ;-)

Thanks for your insights,

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