gpg2 does not detect smart card adapter

Jan Suhr jan.suhr at
Mon Jul 6 11:48:30 CEST 2009

I installed gnupg 2.0.12 but this had no effect. Unfortunately the error
is still the same.

Please note that I did _not_ upgraded the required libraries but used
the version which are provided in Ubuntu. Do you recommend to upgrade
the required libraries as well?

Any suggestion how to "fix" the error?


Jan Suhr schrieb:
>> and then enter at the prompt
>>   SCD GETINFO version
>>   BYE
> I retrieve: "ERR 103 unknown command"
>> But better update gnupg or wait a few days until 2.0.13 will be
>> released.
> Okay.
> I was told that you also will release 1.4.10 with support for the
> OpenPGP Card V2. Do you have any schedule when this will be available?
> Regards
> Jan
>> Salam-Shalom,
>>    Werner

Jan Suhr
German Privacy Foundation e.V.
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