Cant get Fellowship card to work

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Jul 8 10:20:26 CEST 2009

On Tue,  7 Jul 2009 22:24, mcse83 at said:

> gpg: detected reader `AKS ifdh 0'
> gpg: detected reader `AKS ifdh 1'
> gpg: detected reader `AKS VR 0'
> gpg: detected reader `Aladdin Token JC 0'
> gpg: detected reader `SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR3340 ExpressCard Reader 0'
> gpg: pcsc_connect failed: removed card (0x80100069)

You have several readers installed.  By default gpg uses the first one.
Put this line into ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf :

  reader-port "SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR3340 ExpressCard Reader 0"

I have not seen any reports about thsi reader; thus please report the outcome.

> I have also just ordered 3 of the new OpenPGP cards (that supprt 3072
> but keys) and I am REALLY hoping I dont have the same problem like I am
> with the Fellowship card ;-(

You will have different problem ;-).  gpg 1.4.9 does not yet support
these cards.  The forthcoming 1.4.10 will have at least limited support.

In general I suggest to use GnuPG 2.0.12 plus the patches I recently
posted (or under Windows gpg4win-2.0.0rc1 which already includes these
patches).  GnuPG 2.0.13 is also close to a release.



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