"Active Directory", "My documents" and Temporary Files

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Dear Members

At office I work on my Laptop PC that is connected to a network. Using
"Active directory" my company seems to have mapped the "My Documents" on my
Laptop to a network drive (directory in network drive) sitting on some
central server.

I am ok with that policy / precaution and backup policies in general, but
face the following challenges which I wished to share here

1. Any decrypted file that is in use - say an XL sheet with confidential
info being change in un encrypted state, may save a temp copy on "my
documents" and in my case save the temp un encrypted one on the central
directory !!. Though M$ should normally delete this temp file on exit, it
may not as well !!, as we know from numerous crashes and stuff !!

1.1. As I am administrator on my Laptop (permission given) how do I go about
stopping the following programs from saving anything on "My documents" or
saving them to a local directory that I choose

1.1.1. MS Excel - where does XL store temp files ? How to change that from
the default (which seems to be My docs) to some other local drive /
1.1.2. MS Word - do as above
1.1.3. MS Power point

1.1.4. Note Tab text editor - http://www.notetab.com/

2. I understand you may suggest that I stop the mapping of Mydocs to the
network. That may be difficult as then i'd un intentionally stop ALL data
going to the networked drive

3. I understand that I may have to look at alternatives to M$ Office
products. But I am not sure where and how often Open Office products store
the TEMP files...and all the learning curve with new shortcuts and all

4. Sorry if this is OT or if this is a long post.... I felt that this
experience sharing is essential on this list , because there may be other
users who may be blisfully un aware of this problem of temp files and my
documents not being cleaned regularly

Thanks in advance for your views and directions on this
Best regards

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