"Active Directory", "My documents" and Temporary Files exclusive)

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> > 4. Sorry if this is OT or if this is a long post.... I felt that this
> > experience sharing is essential on this list , because there may be other
> > users who may be blisfully un aware of this problem of temp files and my
> > documents not being cleaned regularly
> This is not related to gnupg, but anyway:
> It also depends on the version of Office and Windows where temp files
> are stored (e.g. the user's %TEMP% directory). Beside temp files there
> are also swap files, hibernation files and maybe more to take into
> account.
> If you want to ensure that confidential files are not stored
> unencrypted, you should look for full drive encryption on all used
> drives.
Thanks for the quick revert. What I wish to convey is that _even_ if I
encrypt all my files and drives, _if_ I open one of them while on a
networked environment I could potentially create a loophole i.e. the un
encrypted version may have a temp file that is saved on a network drive ...

I felt this is a major loophole to be plugged by anyone who works on a
networked machine

I did not know this. I did not think on those lines until recently. When I
thought of it I wanted to share it here

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