OpenPGP card not accessible; ctapi-driver option in gpg.conf does the job for me (with cyberjack reader)

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Mar 3 17:17:24 CET 2009

On Wed, 11 Feb 2009 13:05, xri at said:

> I hope I can forward an argument for not dropping (direct?) support for
> CT/API readers in GnuPG too soon, as Werner often states (and as the
> ctapi-driver option is also marked as deprecated in the gpg man page).

Well, I have no immediate plans to drop the support but I can't test the
ctAPI driver.  Thus you are on your own if you want to use it.

> * gpg-agent.conf: disable-scdaemon   <--- !!
> * gpg.conf: ctapi-driver     reader-port 32768
> * gpg.conf: use-agent
> Maybe this can contribute to solve this kind of problem, which other
> users might have experienced, too - especially with their Reiner-SCT reader.

By disabling the SCdaemon, you use the code included in gpg 1.4.  That
is the same code as used in scdaemon.  The problem you encountered is
likely due to problems in Scdaemon 2.0.10 (or earlier).  2.0.11 fixes
them for me.



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