gnupg vs. gnupg2

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Mon Mar 16 03:05:42 CET 2009

Suno Ano wrote:
>  - besides the afore mentioned differences like monolitic vs modular
>    architecture, what else is different? Well, gpg2 provides support for
>    MIME types as I figured ... what else?

GnuPG 2 is somewhat larger and provides S/MIME support and gpg-agent. 
That's really about it.

>  - is gpg2 considered prime time ready?

According to Werner, yes.  Me, I wouldn't call GnuPG 2 for Windows ready 
for prime time.  Over on Enigmail we see a fair number of GnuPG 2 for 
Windows problems -- or have historically; we haven't had much lately.

>  - there is one utterly annoying fact with gpg2 which is the graphical
>    windows which keep poping up How
>    can I get rid of them and have the behavior of gpg which just stays
>    in the shell?

Can't answer this one, since I use 1.4.

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