gnupg vs. gnupg2

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Mar 16 08:59:15 CET 2009

On Mon, 16 Mar 2009 03:05, rjh at said:

> GnuPG 2 is somewhat larger and provides S/MIME support and
> gpg-agent. That's really about it.

Plus extended smartcard support.

> According to Werner, yes.  Me, I wouldn't call GnuPG 2 for Windows
> ready for prime time.  Over on Enigmail we see a fair number of GnuPG
> 2 for Windows problems -- or have historically; we haven't had much
> lately.

The last annoyance I know about is that while importing pkcs#12 the
pinentry does not put itself into the foreground but keeps blinking in
the task bar until clicked.

>>  - there is one utterly annoying fact with gpg2 which is the graphical
>>    windows which keep poping up How
>>    can I get rid of them and have the behavior of gpg which just stays
>>    in the shell?

gpg asks you for a passphrase, it uses this popup window (the pinentry)
for this.  Either enter the passphrase or click cancel if you don't want
to cancel the current operation.  This is the same as with gpg1 which
ask you via a console prompt for the passphrase.



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