GnuPG and Windows XP Home

Alf Wernersson awerner at
Tue Mar 17 09:14:53 CET 2009

John Clizbe skrev:
> Alf Wernersson wrote:
>> I'm trying to install GPG on my Laptop running XP Home. After the
>> install process I run CMD and write "GPG --version". This seems to be
>> OK. After that I write "GPG --list-keys and receive following message:
> <snip>
>> Does not GPG4win support Windows XP? Any suggestions?
> I haven't used the new gpg4win 1.1.4 but GnuPG 1.4.9 works fine on XP.
> Since you issued --list-keys, I assume you already have keyring files,
> right?
> Do you have them where gpg is expecting them?
> 'gpg --version' will tell you where gpg expects to find keys.
> If you copied over keyrings, did you also copy the trustdb?
> Without know how you installed things and populated keyrings, all we can
> do is guess at problems and solutions.
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Thanks for Your answer John,

I will try to explain my problem in detail. I'm myself is using GPG,
Thunderbird and Enigmail. I want to use GPG4Win to communicate with a
friend using Windows. To be able to tell him how to use it I tried to
install on a Laptop using Windows XP Home.

As I have problems I have installed and uninstalled a couple of times.
After last uninstall I also deleted all keys for GPG from registry and
finished with a reboot.

The install process of GPG4Win seems to be normal. After the install I
tried to use GPA to create a Keypair for a new user and import my public
key. Starting GPA I get a message box telling me:

"Fatal Error in GPGME library
(invoked from file
line 1447):
Unsupported protocol
The application will be terminated"

As GPA depends on GPG I want to first determinate if GPG works.
Therefore I tried some commands from the commandline. I don't think
there is old keyringfiles left on the laptop but I'm not sure. Do You
have any suggestions how I can go on?


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