questions: no input file, and pascal programming

Philip subs at
Sat May 2 09:35:08 CEST 2009

I found that if I just type "gpg" I get this
"gpg: Go ahead and type your message ..." which looks promising but I
can't find any documentation on how to use it.

Also this works in linux
"echo Mary had a little lamb|gpg --yes -eat -o test.txt.gpg -r [keyid]"

but I don't know how to do something similar in dos/windows

thanks, Philip

John Clizbe wrote:
> Philip wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have some questions about gpg
>> 1.  using gpg command line, can I pass data to be encrypted to gpg that
>> isn't in a file?  For example if I want to encrypt "Mary had a little
>> lamb" to a an asc file but I don't want to put that text onto the hard
>> drive unencrypted first.
> gpg will behave as a pipe or if given no input, quietly wait for you to
> type something in.
>> 2.  is there something like gpgme that can be used easily for pascal
>> programmers?
>> Personally I use freepascal and I just want to be able to select a key,
>> encrypt and decrypt from within my program.
>> If anyone knows of any opensource pascal programs that use gnupg it
>> would be appreciated.
> Pascal bindings should exist for the current gpgme, I've just not found
> them.
> I've worked with one pascal program that used gpgme bindings but it was
> code before gpgme API changed. I'd love to find updated bindings and
> save myself the effort of updating the old ones
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