Use GPG to create encrypted files readable by PGP

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> Dear Members :
> Could you (or the list ) help me with the following :
> - I have an source xl file - say something dot xls
> - I wish to encrypt this and the recipient is say Mr. Y
> - I wish to have an encrypted result file that is recognized and
>   readable by Mr. Y using PGP
> - A command line (that assumes the following ) would be of great help
> Source file          :    something.xls
> Source directory     :    c:\somewhere\
> Result requested     :    something.xls.pgp -> 
>                           file that can be decrypted by PGP
> Result directory     :    c:\somewhere\
> recipient            :    Mr. Y. :
>     I have his pub key on my ring.
>     I trust Mr. Y (in real life I have verified his e mail etc).
>      But Mr. Y's pub key on my key ring may or
>      _may NOT_ have trusted signatures / trust levels etc on the key.

cd c:\somewhere

gpg --trust-model always --pgp8 -r <Mr Y's keyID> -o something.xls.pgp
    -e something.xls

This wraps in the email. In a CMD window you would just type it on one

--trust-model always says to trust the key(s) anyway

--pgp8 is the most recent. There are also --pgp7, --pgp6, and --pgp2

-r <Mr Y's keyID> sets the encryption _r_ecipient

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