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Julian Stacey jhs at
Wed May 13 17:25:34 CEST 2009

Matthew Krotzer wrote:
> * Stormer's Cgi-Archive <stormer at> [090513 02:51]:
> > I asked this one before...  either no response or no one knows.
> > 
> > Has anyone got a procmail recipe that works so that any email sent to
> > a particular pop3 account will be encrypted with a public key?
> > 
> > maybe I am on the wrong list?  Recommendations?
> > 
> > James
> >
> A procmail list would probably be a better place to get this
> information. I don't use procmail, but this seems more like a
> client setting to me. Folder-hooks, etc.
> I don't understand what you are trying to do from the
> description. Is there a singular public key for the account or
> multiple? Are you setting this up on a private mailserver? My
> email client, mutt, picks the right key for the right account
> based on the key information.
> Matthew

I use procmail, 
(but dont use gnupg much 'cept occasionaly for customers,
 hence lurker status ;-)
Seems a puzzling/ badly/ inadequately phrased question from Stormer.
- Normaly one _en_crypts before sending
- Whereas one uses procmail on receipt.
- But POP3 implies local incoming account, else how would one know what
  protocol another recipient uses to collect.
- Stormer talks of "sent to > a particular" rather than "received by .."

Maybe Stormer means oungoing from private net, somehow wanting to
call procmail on a proxy or relay before heading out over net ?  Or
he or she could mean other things.   Question best re-defined & re-posted.

PS man procmail:
              <procmail-users at>
                     for submitting questions/answers.
              <procmail-users-request at>
                     for subscription requests.

       If  you  would  like  to  stay informed about new versions and official
       patches send a subscription request to
              procmail-announce-request at
       (this is a readonly list).

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