how to sign files inside a folder?

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Wed May 27 14:23:51 CEST 2009

On Tuesday, May 26th 2009 at 23:38 -0000, quoth John Clizbe:

=>Faramir wrote:
=>> Hello,
=>> 	I saw a question in the support list in Spanish language, and it is
=>> about how to sign files inside a folder, in Windows OS, without using
=>> additional tools. The goal is to have a tree of folders, with files
=>> inside, and to sign individually each file (with detached signature, if
=>> I am not wrong).
=>> 	Since I have never had to do something like that, I don't have the
=>> faintest idea about how to do it, if it is possible to do it.
=>>         Compressing the folder an signing the compressed file is what
=>> the person behind the question wants to avoid.
=>I saw that one.
=>I don't know about doing it "without using additional tools". The
=>windows CMD shell doesn't give one a boatload of useful commands.
=>I'd pull the RC1 of MSYS 1.0.11 cause this is a snap with bash and find.
=>Using his .TXT example:
=>cd <top folder>
=>for file in $(find . -name \*.[tT][xX]][tT] -print);	\
=>  do echo $file; 						\
=>  gpg --passphrase deafbeef -u 0xdecafbad -sb $file ; \

fyi, that's why they invented -iname option. :-)

for file in $(find . -iname \*.txt -print);

the semi is not needed.

But if the list of filenames is large, you could end up overflowing your 
shell buffer. Another way to do it that would prevent that from 

find . -iname \*.txt -print | 
while read file
  echo $file
  gpg --passphrase deafbeef -u 0xdecafbad -sb $file

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