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Hello John, 

Thanks for the man page and skeleton file for gpg.conf, both very useful.  

The main issue at the moment (thread: "No secret key under different account") is how 
to access the keyring files under a different account.  I'm looking for the 
best (least duplication of data/settings ) solution to this and someone suggested 
adding a reference to gpg.conf.  

I've installed GPG under the 'Administrator' account but the C# executable 
which runs GPG, will run from a SQL Server 2005 agent job, the account for this 
is SQLService, therefore this account needs to see the keyrings owned by Administrator.

Apart from that it's good to see what else can be changed and the skeleton you sent me 
is a good place to begin. 


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David Gray wrote:
> Hi
> Could anyone point me in the right direction for a manual/examples on 
> how to edit the gpg.conf file for GnuPG 2.0.12 (GPG 4 Win)?

For a server, I'd recommend GnuPG 1.4.10 - at least it comes with the man page Werner has said that gpg4win is more of a desktop application

> The pdf manual which gets installed with this kit contains no references
> and the readme only tells me that gpg.conf gets created during install.   

Attached are the gpg man page as well as an (out-of-date, sorry) options.skel that explains a lot of the common options.

> I would like to see examples of how to add further keyrings but also 
> it would be good to know what other options & features could be used 
> if configured properly.

Perhaps if we knew exactly what it is you're trying to accomplish.  There are many ways of sharing keyrings, which is best is difficult to say without more information.

If you'd like, you may email me directly

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