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David Gray wrote:
> Hello John, 
> Thanks for the man page and skeleton file for gpg.conf, both very useful.  


> The main issue at the moment (thread: "No secret key under different account") is how 
> to access the keyring files under a different account.  I'm looking for the 
> best (least duplication of data/settings ) solution to this and someone suggested 
> adding a reference to gpg.conf.  

I think that was me :-)

> I've installed GPG under the 'Administrator' account but the C# executable 
> which runs GPG, will run from a SQL Server 2005 agent job, the account for this 
> is SQLService, therefore this account needs to see the keyrings owned by Administrator.

Ok, simple redirection. Same as relocating keys to portable media.

In SQLService's gpg.conf, something like:

keyring		..\..\..\Administrator\Applic~1\GnuPG\pubring.gpg
secret-keyring	..\..\..\Administrator\Applic~1\GnuPG\secring.gpg
trustdb-name	..\..\..\Administrator\Applic~1\GnuPG\trustdb.gpg

You'll need to also make sure SQLService has +R+W permissions to those files.

Alternatively, as David Shaw pointed out in the other thread, you may invoke
gpg/gpg2 with the --homedir option to point it to the directory containing
Administrator's keyring and conf files

> Apart from that it's good to see what else can be changed and the skeleton you sent me 
> is a good place to begin. 

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