FSFE Fellower Card + LUKS on Startup

David Lais snope at snope.org
Wed Nov 4 13:40:48 CET 2009

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Am Mittwoch, 4. November 2009 13:10:52 schrieb gerry_lowry (alliston ontario 
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> Subject: FSFE Fellower Card + LUKS on Startup
> Hi GnuPG-Users,
> I have been testing the FSFE GnuPG smartcard in the past few days and I
> find it really cool! However, I have some more questions regarding the
> card.
> I have encrypted all of my linux partitions with LUKS and it works really
> great. Next, I would like to integrate the GnuPG card into the boot process
> in order to encrypt or to provide the key file. I found a Howto in the
> ubuntu wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SmartCardLUKSDiskEncryption. However,
> in this HowTo, they use a MultiFlex Smartcard and load the key file on the
> card. In the startup process, the keyfile is read out and sent to LUKS.
> This step is really simple but how can this work with the gnupg smartcard?
> I think it is not a problem to decrypt the key file in the startup process,
> isn't it!? Is it possible to access the card reader (omnikey 4040) and the
> smartcard via gpg from the initrd ram disk? Has anyone ever tried it in a
> similar way or are there any alternatives? Finally, is there a HowTo?
> I would be very happy for any kind of information.
> Thanks,
> David
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