Signature check with libgpgme-11.dll

Knud Pehrs ph at
Wed Nov 4 14:38:15 CET 2009


I have a problem to use the functions of libgpgme-11.dll in my application.
I have downloaded the gnupg-1.4.10, libgpg-error-1.7 and gpg_MadeEasy_1.1.8.
All three packages were installed to c:\usr\local\bin
The gnupg-1.4.10 and libgpg-error-1.7 were build with ./configure, make, make install.
The gpg_MadeEasy_1.1.8 was configured with 
./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-static --with-gpg=/usr/bin/gpg
--without-gpgsm --disable-largefile --without-pth-test
and build with make and make install.

To build the libraries I used MINGW32.
My operating system is WinXP and Visual Studio 2005 (C++).

I my application I load the libgpgme-11.dll via LoadLibrary(...).
If I start the app and init the GPGME I get always the same error 117440662 (invalid crypto engine)

Here is my initialization of GPGME:

	GPGSETLOCALE pSetLocale = (GPGSETLOCALE) GetProcAddress( hMod, "gpgme_set_locale" );
	if( pSetLocale != NULL )
		GPGVERSIONCHK pVersionChk = (GPGVERSIONCHK) GetProcAddress( hMod, "gpgme_check_version" );
		if( pVersionChk != NULL )
			setlocale (LC_ALL, "");
			pVersionChk( NULL );							// gpgme_check_version
			pSetLocale( NULL, LC_CTYPE, setlocale( LC_CTYPE, NULL ) );	// gpgme_set_locale	
	GPGSETENGINEINFO pSetEngineInfo =(GPGSETENGINEINFO)GetProcAddress( hMod, gpgme_set_engine_info" );
		if( pSetEngineInfo != NULL )
		// ********   HERE OCCURS THE ERROR 117440662 (invalid crypto engine)    **********
		gpgme_error_t error = pSetEngineInfo( GPGME_PROTOCOL_OpenPGP, "gpg.exe", C:/usr/local/bin" );
		if( error != GPG_ERR_NO_ERROR)		// gpgme_set_engine_info	
			freeResult = FreeLibrary( hMod );	// free the DLL module
			return false;

Have you any ideas how I can fix this error and what's the reason of this error is?

If you need more detailed information please let me know!

A soon answer would be appreciated!

Thank you very much and 
best regards

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