code page problem with gpg 4 win

Rui Hu yumengcool at
Mon Nov 9 10:14:37 CET 2009

Hi, all

I use gpg version 1.4.10 for win, my native language is chinese, i
want to gen a key pair
with Chinese real name (UID).but when i type chinese characters in the
console, gpg
failed to handle the chinese characters .

i ever used the following commands to gen key pair:

gpg --display-charset utf-8 --gen-key
gpg --utf8-strings --gen-key
gpg --display-charset GBK --gen-key

All of them failed to do it.

I searched the mail list for this problem, i find the following URL:

it gives a solution for russian.but what can i do in my case?

BTW: I can gen key pair with chinese characters uid by GNU-4win GUI.
and console in my os uses code page 936, that means GBK.
of course, when i type following command, that chinese characters uid
can be display well.

gpg --list-keys

thanks for every reply.



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