gnupg support of google wave

Michel Villeneuve michel.villeneuve at
Sat Nov 14 00:03:20 CET 2009

Firstly, by "supported" I mean, if it becomes a standard communication
tool, could creation of key process be modified (name, email adress,
comment => name wave adress comment), because I understood that an
email adress cannot be a wave adress. Is there deep technical issus
there or just a matter of vocabulary ?

> Say, if you (let's call A) start conversation with someone, B. In this
> case, it wouldn't be too much of problem communicating using OpenPGP.
> Then what happens if person C is added in the middle of conversation?
> C wouldn't be able to decipher anything prior to his/her joining as
> messages are not encrypted for C.

Adding a participant to a wavelate means to me that the wavelet has to
be reencrypted by adding C's public key ... but I'm not a tech expert
so It might be silly ...

Michel Villeneuve

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