gnupg support of google wave

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sat Nov 14 04:40:26 CET 2009

Michel Villeneuve wrote:
> Firstly, by "supported" I mean, if it becomes a standard communication
> tool, could creation of key process be modified (name, email adress,
> comment => name wave adress comment), because I understood that an
> email adress cannot be a wave adress. Is there deep technical issus
> there or just a matter of vocabulary ?

This is all a ton of cart-before-the-horse.

Let me ask a simple question.  "If someone enters into the wave, should
they be able to read previous traffic?"  Some people say yes, some
people say no.  Some use cases say it's obvious, others say obviously not.

It's rash to talk about supporting a particular protocol within Wave
before there's a consensus on what behaviors we want.

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