avoid gnupg questions

Михаил Голубцов (maill.ru) golubcovmv at mail.ru
Mon Nov 16 10:32:32 CET 2009


Is there a way to to get rid of any insignificant gnupg questions?

I'm trying to encrypt automatically a file using a public key of other
company. I use command like that:
gpg -r some_user_ID -e some_file

but gnupg asks me (and I understand what):

"gpg:C098CB23: Es gibt keine Garantie, da? dieser Schlussel wirklich
dem angegebenen Besitzer gehort.


Es ist NICHT sicher, da? der Schlussel zu dem in der User-ID Genannten
gehort. Wenn Sie *wirklich* wissen, was Sie tun, konnen Sie die
nachste Frage mi ja beantworten

Diesen Schlussel trotzdem benutzen? (j/N)"

The public key, i use for encryption, is self-signed and I suppose this is a
cause of that question. But i really can't do anything with this key.

Could you help me, please? I wonder if you show me a way how to solve this problem.

Looking for your reply,
Michael Golubcov

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