gpg: key generation failed: Card error

David Shaw dshaw at
Sun Nov 22 03:26:37 CET 2009

On Nov 21, 2009, at 3:13 PM, markus reichelt wrote:

> * markus reichelt <ml at> wrote:
>> gpg: key generation failed: Card error
>> Key generation failed: Card error
>> That's on a stock Slackware 13 system, gpg (GnuPG) 2.0.12,
>> libgcrypt 1.4.4 with OMNIKEY CardMan 4040 v1.1.0gm5.
> Okay, after much cursing omnikey I finally was successful in creating
> keys on the smartcard using the SCR3310 smartcard reader. Someone
> suggested updating to current gpg2 (2.0.13), that was the key to it
> all.
> Strangely the crappy omnicard reader has no problems at all reading
> keys stored on the card. Still, I cannot recommend omnikey at all.
> One question popped up in my mind on several occasions: V2 smartcards
> supposedly cannot be bricked. So, how is the reset done exactly?

Here are instructions:


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