gpg: key generation failed: Card error

markus reichelt ml at
Sat Nov 21 21:13:23 CET 2009

* markus reichelt <ml at> wrote:

> gpg: key generation failed: Card error
> Key generation failed: Card error
> That's on a stock Slackware 13 system, gpg (GnuPG) 2.0.12,
> libgcrypt 1.4.4 with OMNIKEY CardMan 4040 v1.1.0gm5.

Okay, after much cursing omnikey I finally was successful in creating
keys on the smartcard using the SCR3310 smartcard reader. Someone
suggested updating to current gpg2 (2.0.13), that was the key to it

Strangely the crappy omnicard reader has no problems at all reading
keys stored on the card. Still, I cannot recommend omnikey at all.

One question popped up in my mind on several occasions: V2 smartcards
supposedly cannot be bricked. So, how is the reset done exactly?

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