Testing the exit status

David Gray David.Gray at turpin-distribution.com
Mon Oct 12 11:29:00 CEST 2009

Thanks for the input. 

Can you tell me what the numeric arguments are for status-fd?  
I've downloaded the source for GPG and looked at the doc/DETAILS 
file but on Windows this is unreadable. 

Also it seems as if gpgme is not available for Windows, is this correct?

I'm running GPG from a C# application using the Process class.  If I
correctly then you are suggesting I use status-fd to redirect to a file
and then 
open this to interrogate the results. 

Thanks & regards

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On Fri,  9 Oct 2009 13:47, David.Gray at turpin-distribution.com said:

> Does GPG return different status codes when it exits? 
> I'm specifically looking for different types of error, such 
> as file not found, key not found, invalid passphrase etc. 
This would not be reliable.  There are just too many stati to map them
to exit codes.  What you need to do is to use the status lines
(--status-fd N) - or just go with gpgme.



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