gnupg and smartcard -> recovery issues

listac at listac at
Thu Oct 29 16:07:50 CET 2009

>>> All I have is the cryptical_name.gpg on some rescued USB stick. Just,
>>> how
>>> do I get this key back on my card please?
>> Import the public key and run
>>   gpg --edit-key KEYID
>> the enter the command "bkuptocard".

Thanks to the help of Mr. Donnachie I am now able to run gnupg2 under
linux, even though gpg-agent regularily dies. Maybe as well be a
distribution issue.

And now the restore with just the public key and the --card-status works.
Either gpg4win behaves differently or maybe I am running into a gpg-agent
issue, too.

However, transfering a disk based secret encryption key to smart card
still does not.

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