Turning off GPG-Agent on default install of GPG4Win 2.0.0

Mark Rousell markr-gnupg at signal100.com
Wed Sep 9 08:25:56 CEST 2009

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Allen Schultz wrote:
> I think I figured ot what is acting as the gpg-agent in this newer
> install. Since they dropped WinPT and added Kleopatra, the interface
> changed to this (to me) annoying pinentry.exe asking for my passphrase.
> I think I will install component by component myself and try it out that
> way.

Let us know what you find out but as far as I am aware there is no way
to prevent GnuPG 2 from using gpg-agent/pinentry.exe. I asked about this
some time ago on the Enigmail list (I initially thought it was an
Enigmail problem) and Patrick Brunschwig told me that GnuPG 2 insists on
always using an external gpg-agent program of some sort.

Thus the solution, if you don't want to use gpg-agent, is to switch back
to using GnuPG 1 (which isn't included in Gpg4win any more, or at least
it wasn't included when I last looked at Gpg4win).

GnuPG 1 and 2 can co-exist perfectly happily in practice.

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