Selecting cipher to generate a key pair

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Wed Sep 9 20:20:50 CEST 2009

From:       "Smith, Cathy" <cathy.smith () pnl ! gov>
Date:       2009-04-30 21:54:15
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>Is it possible to select a specific cipher, such as Triple-DES or
>Blowfish, to use to generate a key pair?


(temporarily) put the following options into your gpg.conf file;

s2k-cipher-algo Blowfish

(you can comment it out with a # in front of it after you generate 
the key, if you plan to use this often or change ciphers)


[1] if you do this, then if you encrypt anything symmetrically
(i.e. not to a public key), it will use the same cipher unless you 
specifically mention which cipher to use when you encrypt 

[2] might not need the option of 'expert', am not sure
(but if you want to do custom stuff, just leave it there anyway,
and more choices will show up at the gpg prompt ;-)  )


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