How do I use gpg to decrypt encrypted files????

David Shaw dshaw at
Thu Sep 10 01:53:10 CEST 2009

On Sep 9, 2009, at 5:50 PM, BosseB wrote:

> Funnily I only found GPG 1.4.9 on the GnuPG site even though Gpg4Win
> came with some version 2.0.x, why is this?

There are two versions of GPG.  One, the 1.4.x line is a self- 
contained GPG that builds on many platforms.  It only does OpenPGP.   
The other, 2.x line, is a more modular version that builds on fewer  
(but still all of the common) platforms.  It uses libraries for its  
crypto and other things, and is somewhat harder to build.  It does  
OpenPGP and x509 and has some other nice features that aren't in 1.4.x.

Of course, when you download a prebuilt binary, you don't need to  
worry about building it.

> I also seem to recall that back a few years there was a piece of
> software that after installation offered a rightclick menu item in
> Windows Explorer for encrypting/decrypting a file depending on the
> file type clicked on. If it was an ASC file it offered decrypt and
> otherwise encrypt.
> But I have failed to find such software now. Maybe I am only dreaming
> or possibly it was part of PGP7, which I used at one time?

I wonder if you are thinking of Windows Privacy Tray?
Or possibly GPGShell?


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