How do I use gpg to decrypt encrypted files????

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Thu Sep 10 06:52:01 CEST 2009

On Wed, 9 Sep 2009 19:53:10 -0400, David Shaw <dshaw at>

>On Sep 9, 2009, at 5:50 PM, BosseB wrote:
>> Funnily I only found GPG 1.4.9 on the GnuPG site even though Gpg4Win
>> came with some version 2.0.x, why is this?
>There are two versions of GPG.  One, the 1.4.x line is a self- 
>contained GPG that builds on many platforms.  It only does OpenPGP.   
>The other, 2.x line, is a more modular version that builds on fewer  
>(but still all of the common) platforms.  It uses libraries for its  
>crypto and other things, and is somewhat harder to build.  It does  
>OpenPGP and x509 and has some other nice features that aren't in 1.4.x.
>Of course, when you download a prebuilt binary, you don't need to  
>worry about building it.

But it seems like my Outlook 2003 and GPG 2.0.x does not like each
other. I will try to install an older gpg4win version using the GPG
1.x version then. I have an old setup for gpg4win 1.0.8 saved among my
downloads. It is from beginning of 2007....

>> I also seem to recall that back a few years there was a piece of
>> software that after installation offered a rightclick menu item in
>> Windows Explorer for encrypting/decrypting a file depending on the
>> file type clicked on. If it was an ASC file it offered decrypt and
>> otherwise encrypt.
>> But I have failed to find such software now. Maybe I am only dreaming
>> or possibly it was part of PGP7, which I used at one time?
>I wonder if you are thinking of Windows Privacy Tray?
>Or possibly GPGShell?

Found what I was looking for. It is called GPGee and I downloaded from

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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