How do I use gpg to decrypt encrypted files???? (0/1)

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>>>    But there is an easier way: install GPGShell and you only need to rightclick on the file and call the appropriate decrypting menu:
>> I found GPGShell and tried it but it did not offer a context menu in
>> Windows Explorer just a rather strange regular program window which is
>> not intuitive to use for a Windows user at least. It starts up with a
>> list of the keyring, which is of little use, and no file browser.
>> Not what I was looking for...
>  It has a context menu in Windows Explorer, I use it all the times...
>  The list of keys you talk about, is GPGKeys component, the keymanager.
>There is also a tray tool named GPGTray, and a utility named GPGTools.
>But what I use the most to work with files, is the contextual menu.
>> But I finally found it, it is called GPGee and it gives me a Windows
>> Explorer pop-up menu entry for Verify/Decrypt if I click on an ASC
>> file and Sign/Encrypt alternatives if I click another file type.
>  GPGShell does that too.

So I have installed both GPGShell and GPGee and all I see in my
Windows Explorer shell is GPGee.
How can I make GPGShell appear?
And how does it look like?

I attach two screenshots showing my context menu when selecting an ASC
file and a regular file. Can't see GPGShell....

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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