Generating Key on OpenPGP - backups?

Sean Wilson mcse83 at
Mon Sep 14 17:47:54 CEST 2009

If I generate a key on an OpenPGP 2.0 card and select yes when it asks
me to create a backup of the key, how do I restore the private key
should the card become damaged/lost/etc ? I tried putting a new OpenPGP
card in my reader and restoring the key from the file it created in my
profile but it wouldn't let me decrypt the test emails I had encrypted.

Once you have created a private key ON the OpenPGP card, what is the
correct method to use to be able to put the private key onto another
OpenPGP card as a backup?

I know how to do this if I create the key pair on my hard drive but am
unsure how to proceed if I create the key pair on the OpenPGP card itself.

Thank you!
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